The Tree Doctor
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"Trees are not given to us by our parents,
They are entrusted to us by our children."
Sir Mark Hartley, CEO The Tree Doctor

Company Profile 
The Tree Doctor is an Australian tree care company where three generations have been caring for trees. Second generation Arborist Mark Hartley, heads the Australian wide conglomerate of Arboriculture concerns which cover everything from its own laboratories and training college to the widest range of specialty diagnostic and transplanting equipment. The Tree Doctor is a member of the National Arborist Association of Australia and America. It is the only company outside of the US to have won a highly coveted Grand Award of Excellence in Arboriculture. The Tree Doctor's head office is in Shanes Park, a tranquil rural setting on the outskirts of metropolitan Sydney, looking out on the most magnificent sunsets from the Blue Mountains (about midway between Penrith, Windsor and Riverstone). Our services include: 
* Consultations (diagnosis and advice) We are able to provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic services starting with a basic consultation on site. Our on site diagnostic services include ultrasound and shigometer testing, symptomatic pest and disease diagnosis, basic microscopy, soil moisture and pH testing. Off site services include full pest and disease diagnosis including fungal, bacterial and viral identification, complete soil analysis, report writing and specification development. Plant breeding and genetic engineering are currently being handled by the youngest of the second generation boys, Joseph Hartley. Joseph is overseeing the breeding program of our PBR registered variegated White Cedar as well as selecting plant material with superior genetic characteristics for the Tree Doctor's 40 acre tree farm on the Windsor river. Joseph's work in 1997 is working primarily around Superior Liquidambar stock.
* Tree Pruning; All tree pruning is performed to the Standards Australia AS 4373-1996. The Tree Doctor was instrumental in introducing these standards
* Tree Removal; Whilst any idiot can remove a tree its unfortunate that sometimes idiots are actually allowed to do it. There have been several fatal accidents and a number of well known people such as Col. Joye and Dr John Darcy who have suffered personal injury during the performance of tree work.
* Transplanting; The Tree Doctor leads Australia in transplanting technology. We have worked on many significant projects, including many trees in excess of 100 tonnes. Our tree transplanting is run by The Tree Movers.
* Soil Manipulation
* Mycorrhizal inoculation
* Training